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Dr. Rolf Incharge Dermatology Department at Cooper Dermatology Dubai

Miss. Sidra Zia



Sidra Zia is a US certified Laser Specialist. She has undergone vigorous training in Aesthetic ILP, Laser treatments, Slimming treatments and Skin care from the prestigious school of NLI, Arizona.

Sidra is a firm believer of holistic approach along with the ever evolving science of advancements in the skincare industry. She believes to look well there is a necessity to treat the whole person in terms of lifestyle, family history and personal health.

“I’m excited to be part of this cutting edge advancement of science in the skincare industry bringing to the skincare industry bringing to the Middle East along with my holistic vision. My vision is also to personally create a niche with further advance’s the state of the art skin care keeping in mind all safety of our clients well-being.”


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