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At Cooper Dermatology-Dental Services we aim to provide our patients effective treatment solutions. We offer a wide variety of treatments options which includes fillings of composite, root canals, scaling and polishing, full mouth whitening, bridges&crowns;, smile make-overs, anti-snoring devices, implants,etc. Our treatment policies reflect our training from world-renowned dental institutions. We ensure that our patients are receiving care in which every aspect of patient safety is considered. All our treatments include a consultation and a customized treatment plan to suit patient needs. We look forward to introducing you to a different kind of dental experience!

Our team of internationally trained and accredited experts are on hand to provide you with a tailored solution specific to your dental needs. We have dentists specialising in all areas including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implantology and paediatric dental care. We understand that our patients are looking for an affordable solution without compromising on the highest level of quality care.

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