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Skin Cancer Detection & Treatment - Mole Removal in Dubai

It is normal to have moles on your skin. Experts today advise to look for signs of abnormality. Abnormal moles can potentially be a leading cause of cancer as they can develop into a form of melanoma skin cancer.

Cooper Dermatology Clinic offers one of the most technologically advanced mole mapping procedure in Dubai that can effectively monitor developments and detect abnormalities in your skin.

Why Mole Mapping Is Crucial

Experts recommend that individuals should make it a habit to monitor their skin, particularly their moles, and look for signs of darkening, inflammation, irregularities in shape or outline, growth in size or scope etc. Aside from regularly checking for these signs, it is best to consult a dermatologist and undergo a mole mapping procedure to give you a more accurate assessment of your skin condition and health.

Mapping the location and growth of moles is a meticulous process. Through this procedure, experts capture, store and analyze images of your moles. The process should be done regularly so that our expert in Dubai can take compare the recent findings with the previous ones. Any changes in size, color or appearance is usually closely examined and taken care of so that they cannot develop into any form of cancer.

Safe and effective mole removal procedure

As our dermatologist notices that a mole has the potential to develop into cancer, you are advised to undergo mole removal. The removal procedure first includes sending a sample to our Dubai laboratory for biopsy to determine if it is cancerous and upon confirmation the complete procedure is performed.

Cooper Dermatology Clinic offers safe and effective procedures to remove moles. All procedures will be discussed with you first to identify the most appropriate method to use in your case.

Avoid the risk of getting skin cancer and have yourself checked regularly.

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