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Laser Skin Tightening Treatment - Radio Frequency

Rejuve skin tightening procedure is a non-invasive treatment that delivers energy into the deeper layers of the skin, which causes a heating action that immediately tightens skin tissues and structures. It can be used in non-surgical brow lifts and tightening loose facial skin to restore a more youthful appearance. It may also be used for the treatment and management of stretch marks and post acne scars. Skin will be smoother, firmer, and tighter immediately after your treatment. You may also notice some contouring effects which will begin enhancing the shape of your face, abdomen, and thighs. After the procedure, you should continue to see improvements to your skin, as a result of the production of new and increased collagen, as well as some additional contouring effects due to continued tightening over time. Results vary depending on age and skin conditions.


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